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Let you go of what you are, that you become what you might be.



During the Access Bars treatment, you can let go of your operating patterns, beliefs, points of view, and emotional patterns that prevent you from creating the life you want. Anxiety and stress are reduced as a result of decluttering your mind.

Come to the treatment and experience the effortless effect!


„What if you allowed yourself to let go of your resistance to an easy and happy life? ” 

What is the Access Bars®?

Access Bars®️ are 32 points on your head that are gently touched based on the procedure defined during the treatment. This method is a special series of head touches that were created to achieve greater awareness.

Access Bars are an energetic stress-relieving treatment. The special points on your head are related to energetic pathways connected to different life situations, by touching which it is possible to recognize new perspectives, relieve anxieties, and change self-sabotaging thinking.

The Bars therapies enable big changes in life to occur with total ease.

What can you expect after receiving the Bars?

Each person reacts differently to the Access Bars®️ treatment, but in general, a feeling of peace and a state of relaxed calm almost always appear. In addition, most people report that after Bars treatment they are much happier, more liberated, and feel better both physically and mentally. As a result of the treatments, they become more open, and their self-esteem increases.
Research shows that after one treatment, the body goes into a state of rest, like after 2-3 hours of meditation.

When you get rid of your judgments, points of view, and patterns that have limited you by accepting the treatments, you will be able to look at your life, your reality, and yourself differently.


Already after the first treatment, many people report that they feel a special lightness afterwards and that their thoughts slow down, as a result of which they are calmer, more cheerful, and better able to live in the present moment. In many cases, as a result of one or two treatments, anxiety, stress, or pain decreased, and the body’s self-healing processes started.

Of course, the more treatments someone participates in, the stronger the change can be expected, since the more blocks they are able to release, the greater their awareness.


You will feel how often you want to experience this form of relaxation. Some people request treatment every 1-2 weeks, others every month, or whenever they feel like it would be good to relax again. There are no rules; it’s best to listen to your intuition. Come whenever you would like to feel great!


What Can Access Bars Do For You?

Stress relief and elimination of insomnia

In today’s fast-paced world, the human body is in an almost constant state of emergency due to the enormous pressure. All of this throws the body off its resting balance, which leads to irritability, sleep disorders, cardiovascular problems, and a weakening of the immune system.

During Bars treatments, stress dissolves, so it has a beneficial effect not only on your mood but also on your health.

Letting go of thought patterns and fixed points of view

In the course of our lives, we get stuck in countless points of view that no longer serve our development. These thought patterns and judgments limit our success and happiness. They become the driving force behind unconscious reactions.

Resolving emotional and energetic blocks

Some of the emotionally burdensome situations and mental conflicts remain with us as unconscious content, which can be activated in certain situations and cause bad feelings, unhappiness, and anxiety.

Reduction of convulsive will and control

The desire to keep the events of life under constant control and the stubborn adherence to our ideas consume a lot of energy. On the other hand, you can save yourself a lot of energy with an easy, relaxed reception.

Achieving greater awareness

Instead of confronting the present moment and rejecting experiences, you will be better able to accept your feelings. Instead of operating unconsciously (in autopilot mode), you will be able to make conscious choices and recognize new possibilities that were unimaginable to you until now.

Lightness and serenity

Letting go of endless thought loops and unconscious patterns brings lightness and serenity to your everyday life. You are simply able to experience more pleasure than before. You get upset less often and don’t get into unnecessary conflicts.

A short list of client feedback:

  • no more stress
  • no more headaches
  • healthier life
  • better sleep
  • reduction of physical pains
  • end of intrusive thoughts and panic attacks
  • freedom of decision
  • more awareness
  • more joy and laughter
  • lightness of being
  • better relationships
  • business successes

Access Bars® treatment fees

1 session

During the Access Bars treatment, you can let go of your operating patterns, points of view, and emotional patterns that prevent you from living a happy life.

40,- €

5 session

If you want to repeatedly experience the light, relaxed state after the Bars treatment, you should buy a pass. Take advantage of the fact that the price of treatments is more favorable this way.

150,- €


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Access Bars® treatment

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